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Miss Becky's Photo Gallery  -- GOATS
Here are some photos of the goat herd, Past and present.
To view pictures click on the block to enlarge and see a description.
Price o the Field Royal Wills, a gentle giant, sire to many beautiful kids here from 2005 to 2010, including Royal Duke and Prince Leo
Butt-n-Down Royal Duke herd sire from 2008 to 2012 with many beautiful milky daughters. Sadly he is no longer with us.
Prince Leo 2012 at 3 years old
Miss Becky's Jazz Man sire for 2013-14-15 kids, son of Butt-n-Down Prince Leo and Butt-n-Down Jewel. pictured at 5 mo. old.  He has developed into a handsome buck at 9 months.
JazzMan at one year old. March 2013
The Miss Becky's Jazz Man
Doberman and Jazz Man, 1 year old. The first of Doberman's kids have arrived and are wide level and long just like him.  
 Pedigree ADGA
                                 SSS: ++*B Price o the Field Royal Prince
                        SS: Price o the Field Royal Wills
                                    SSD: Price o the Field Lady Wanita
            S: Butt-n-Down Prince Leo
                                    SDS: Les Serrettes king D Oma Matt
                        SD: Butt-n-Down Princess Leah
                                    SDD: Butt-n-Down Bay Laurel
The Miss Becky's JazzMan
                                    DSS: CH Stamper's-D.F. king Delite
                        DS: Les Serrettes king D Oma Matt
                                    DSD: Sunshine kassanova Omaloa
            D: Butt-n-Down Jewel
                                    DDS: Butt-n-Down Rising Phoenix
                        DD: Butt-n-Down Jennifer
                                    DDD: Butt-n-Down Gabriel 
​                                          DDDS: CH Blueberry Hill Stormbuster
  Pedigree ADGA
                               SSS: ++*B Price o the Field Royal Prince
                     SS: Price o the Field Royal Wills
                                 SSD: Price o the Field Lady Wanita
          S: Butt-N-Down Royal Duke
                                 SDS: Les Serrettes king D Oma Matt
                     SD: Butt-n-Down Bits Suprise
                                 SDD: Butt-n-Down Bit o Honey
Butt-n-Down Doberman
                                 DSS: ++*B Price o the Field Royal Prince
                     DS: Price o the Field Royal Wills
                                 DSD: Price o the Field Lady Wanita
          D: Butt-n-Down Serendipity
                                 DDS: Butt-n-Down Rising Phoenix
                     DD: Butt-n-Down Red Spice
                                 DDD: Over-Time's Red Ginger
April 2014 buck kids.
Purebred Nubian buck Wabi-Sabi Valley Ember joined our herd in December and we are anxious to see him grow into what promises to be a fine dairy buck.
Wabi-Sabi Valley Ember joined our herd in December 2014. He has a very playful personality and loves the girls, even though they are about 3 times his size.
He's growing, now 10 months old is the size of my 7 month does but I am confident that he will catch up.
Wabi Sabi Valley Ember in September of 2015. Finally ready for the girls.  He was slow to mature but he is all buck now. December 12th he is another 4" tall and about 30 pounds heavier.
Wabi-Sabi Valley Ember at 3 years old
Wabi-Sabi Valley Ember summer 2017
Wabi-Sabi Valley Ember 2017
Baby Calypso about 5 weeks old, love the color and great top line.
 December 2015
Butt-n-Down Calypso  born Feb. 2015 Dam Serendipity, Sire The Miss Becky's JazzMan.
Calypso right side.  When he was born he was a true tri color. brown fore and rear and black and white mid section, as he has matured the only brown he has retained is on his face and ears.
Calypso buck at 6 mo., sired by Wabi-Sabi Valley Ember
Some of Ember offspring from 2017 and 2016
Butt-n-Down Chocolate DOB February 2017
Butt-n-Dpwn Alvin DOB April 2017. He has been sold
Butt-n-Down Jewel 8 days before freshening 2012  She had a beautiful udder and very good production. She is the dam of JazzMan.
Some Ladies in waiting. Close to freshening  2012 
2 on left are daughters of Les Serrettes King D Oma Matt
Butt-n-Down Lydia, litter sister to Prince Leo. She is now enjoying her new home in northern WI Thank you Melody
Miss Becky's Faith waiting for due date, March 19, 2015.  She is a Butt-n-Down Royal Duke daughter, Milking 7#  a day in her 3rd lactation
Butt-n-down Faith  For Sale March. 2017
Danny Girl will freshen as a 2 year old mid March 2013, pictured here in January
The Danny Girl Feb.6, 2014, a day before freshening as a 3 year old.
DannyGirl's 2013 twin bucks. Nice deep bodies, good dispositions.  They have been sold.
Butt-n-Down Serendipity with 3 weeks to go.   
She had triplets in 2012, one of them is Doberman. She has been retired to a new home in IL.
Abigail, Faith and Hot Chocolate 2015
Finally, after much waiting, she gave us triplet does. (2013) Hot Chocolate, Sweet Pea and Abigail
Butt-n-Down Abigail 2016 triplets
Butt-n-Down Blaze, Fawn and Speckles, sired by Wabi-Sabi Valley Ember
Butt-n-Down Adora, DOB April 2017
Serendipity Feb. 2014 5 days from due date with another large load. She is struggling with a cough today.
April 2014  Enjoying Chinese Elm treats. Serendipity, Danny Girl and Grace behind
DannyGirl's doe 2014 Butt-n-Down Danica.  Her sister, equally beautiful, Butt-n-Down Miss Daisy has been sold.
Butt-n-Down Sebrina at 6 mo. July 2016. she freshened at 1 year with twins and is milking good
GRAPEVINE WREATHS $5.00 each Available in 10",14", 18" and 24"    Shipping for wreath is $12.00 for the smaller ones and $15.00 for the 24".  Find my booth at local craft sales for special pricing.  OUT OF 20" UNTIL SPRING
14" Wreath, loose enough to easily fill with dried and silk florals and herbs $5.00 each
TWIG WREATH 14" inside oval, decorated with dried sedum. For pick up only, to fragile to ship easily.
Will make similar to order
Potpourri for your drawers or closet
Small lace or calico sachet. Available in Bergamot, Moonlight Path, Spiced Apple or Natural White Cedar. $1.00 each.
Actual White Cedar filled, lace or cotton, sachet with small cone and ribbon for hanging.  $1.00
Just squeeze the bag to refresh, it lasts for years. Keep one in your closet and one with your sweaters
Baked Apple fragrance from goat mold makes a 4 oz bar
Apple fragrance decorated with dried apple slice.
Neatly wrapped, 'Energy' is a light citrus fragrance with added pumice for a smooth clean. This formula contains no Palm oil but has great foaming action
Lilac fragrance is like having fresh lilac in your room.  Smooth and creamy, you will love this one.
Lavender scented, simply delicious.
Sold gift wrapped with dried lavender added.  It is the same formula as the Energy, without the pumice.
Goat milk soap cured, ready to wrap
New batches of soap curing.  They will be ready for use after Jan. 10, 2014.  The light creamy color is scented with Spiced Plum and is just delightful. More apple and more Lavender.
Rock Garden Tulips.  Beautiful, early color, yellow and yellow & white.  Plant seed in late summer to fall to flower the second spring. The seed head also makes an interesting dried floral.  
Packet of 25-30 seeds for $1.00
Postage, $1.25
SuzieQ 2 yr old first fresh March 16, 2021.  Sept 2021, she is for sale. Dam: Butt-n-Down Sebrina
Sire:Wabi-Sabi Valley Ember 
Gentle, good milker very nice udder