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Butt-n-Down Nubians
Janesville, WI 53545

Breeding for milk and correct confirmation since 1982. I have line bred and even inbred to achieve consistency in specific areas. I have used the best sires we could afford as we slowly improved production and udders, toplines, legs and feet and selected to better one area at a time. I like the large boned, strong, true Nubian characteristics while still breeding to match the ADGA scorecard for show. The Butt-n-Down doe is large, deep bodied, level and long. She can milk for 500 days if you don't need to grow your herd too fast and just want milk. 
 We have not had the opportunity to show much but when we do the does place very well. I have sold several does over the years who have placed at the top of their class. Our does have nicely attached fore and rear udders, peaking in milk at 9# a day on average as second freshening three year olds. 
The bucks also show well.  I have some reserve champion awards from Butt-n-Down bucks as well. The most recent was Butt-n-Down Royal Duke in 2009.  Animals having the Butt-n-Down herd name are American Nubian on paper but probably as pure Nubian as any purebred.  I began in 1981 purchasing 2 fine Nubian grade does and have used Purebred bucks to improve ever since.

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 Butt-n-Down Serendipity is a strong milker, producing 1 gal. + a day for the first 3 months of lactation, declining to a steady 7 pounds for the next 4 months.  She was still producing 1/2 gal a day when I began to dry her up at 10 months fresh.

​Butt-n-Down Serendipity
​pictured close to freshening
February 6, 2014

Serendipity is bred to Ember for early March 2016 kids​.
She is no longer with us but has moved south to IL.
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    Pedigree ADGA
                               SSS: ++*B Price o the Field Royal Prince
                     SS: Price o the Field Royal Wills
                                 SSD: Price o the Field Lady Wanita
          S: Butt-N-Down Royal Duke
                                 SDS: Les Serrettes king D Oma Matt
                     SD: Butt-n-Down Bits Suprise
                                 SDD: Butt-n-Down Bit o Honey
Butt-n-Down Doberman
                                 DSS: ++*B Price o the Field Royal Prince
                     DS: Price o the Field Royal Wills
                                 DSD: Price o the Field Lady Wanita
          D: Butt-n-Down Serendipity
                                 DDS: Butt-n-Down Rising Phoenix
                     DD: Butt-n-Down Red Spice
                                 DDD: Over-Time's Red Ginger

Doberman has been sold to David Barber, Thanks
We have purchased a new Purebred herd sire. 
Wabi-Sabi Valley Ember  
here on the left. He was used exclusively this year.
Not the best picture of Doberman as his back is raised ready to take on Jazz.  He has only the little white on his crown but did throw a little color to his kids.
Butt-n-Down Doberman large strong buck being wide, long and level, with excellent disposition. He is quiet and easy to handle.
Visit the photo gallery page for more goat pictures.
                              Photo Gallery
Butt-n-Down Danny Girl  4 yr. old.  Bred to Wabi-Sabi Valley Ember.
(Photo Feb 6, 2014)
She is due to freshen Mid March 2016
Butt-n-Down Doberman's Dam

Babies at Play, February 18, 2014
55 second video
Butt-n-Down Grace, 3 yr. old
2nd freshener, has been sold.

The brown doe behind is 4 yr. old Butt-n-Down Faith. She is bred to Wabi-Sabi Valley Ember, due late May.
She was still milking 1/2 gal. a day 245 days into her 3rd lactation
                                               Spring Pasture 2015
Wabi-Sabi Valley Ember at 7 months old.  He has a lot of growing to do but has nice width, top line and leg set.   He should brlng more milk to my ladies.
Lovely long ears and white blaze from crown of head to throat
He's growing well. Now at 10 months he has gained height and thickness and a lot of winter hair!
Wabi-Sabi Valley Ember