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Handmade From the Sewing Room
Decorative Pillows, inner pillows are polyester fiber fill with cotton cover.
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Cotton and cotton blend patchwork and stitchery 12" pillow. Floral print back in similar colors. $20.00
A matching companion 16" pillow with dark green back and patchwork front. $22.00
Tapestry and antique lace 16" pillow. $35.00. Front and back are the same. Dry clean only.  SOLD
Blue Jean denium with cut fringe edges, applique reverses  to Piecework and denium rosette   14"  washable     $20.00
Potholders, padded and washable. Made from various bits of cotton scrap and specialty design fabrics.
Sweet Cherries, backed with hunter green calico
Cauliflower with navy calico
Watermelon with hunter green calico
Sweet Peas with navy calico and hang loop
Strawberry with navy calico back
Hunt pattern in hunter green, patch piece in ivory and burgundy, are 7" square and the extra large in moss green, tan and blue. is 9"
Seed package print, edge is also backing fabric. 7" square, $1.50 each Specify design. 
Random fabrics, cotton and cotton blends, 7" square. Extra large are 9" and double thick. $2.00 each
Civil War Clothing - SHIRTS
I am sewing the 1850's pattern 'Squares and Rectangles' working men's shirt using fabrics that are representative of the 1840's-1860's. I favor working with woven, yarn dyed 100% cotton yardages. The shirts are machine sewn for durability but the visual is period correct.  
I will do hand sewn button holes for an additional $10.00 per shirt.
Below are a few swatches of prewashed, needle ready, yardage on hand.  There are 5 more plaids in the brown and rust tones and a nice blue and white stripe and the same in green and white, now also washed and ready to cut. 
also on hand are shades of plain muslin, grays and blues. 
See sizes at bottom of this page.  XXL add $8.00 for additional yardage
hunter green and tan woven check
blue and tan woven plaid
dark green and tan small woven check
black and ivory small woven check
100% Cotton, Preshrunk, Machine wash and dry
Shirts for reenacting Civil War
Military issue was one size fits all Squares and Rectangles pattern of a linen/cotton flannel. There were 11 million of these shirts purchased by the Union Army from 1861-1865 but less than a dozen survive today.  There were also many shirts 'sent from home' made of printed and woven cotton, linen and wool. 

I offer 4 sizes to fit todays' enlistee of larger size.

These measurements allow you 5" of movement room at the chest.
Medium ( the true 1860's size) will fit comfortably a
15 1/2" neck, drop shoulder, 44" body and is 34" long

 18 1/2" neck, drop shoulder, 48" body and is 34" long

 20" neck, drop shoulder, 55" body and is 35" long

 22" neck, drop shoulder, 65" body and is 36" long 

For clarification also list the 21st Century size shirt you wear.
woven shirt front 1/2" tuck at base of packet
single button cuff with button correctly placed at the top edge
Black and olive plaid, 3 button front, one on the collar and two on the placket. This shirt is a Medium of yarn dyed woven cotton. The modern buttons resemble early bone buttons. $38.00
underarm gusset for ease of movement.
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